“AWESOME!! I did lesson one with both classes and had a follow up lesson based on stop think feel today with one class – it was really beautiful. I daven with each class 2-3 times a week- so my hope is to do a lesson a week with some follow up…I’m really thrilled!”

Ilana Rauzman, Morah
Yeshivat Noam

“The Ani Tefillah culture of “Stop – Think and Feel is definitely becoming a part of our school. How fortunate are we to have such excellent educators.”

Mrs. Rivki Bronner
Bnos Tzion

“Tamar Nusbaum, a consummate and experienced educator, has harnessed the latest research in how children learn into her Ani Tefillah program. With its many different components, the Ani Tefillah program is one that reaches all types of learners and all types of souls.”

Barbara Etra
Principal, Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School, Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership

“The Ani Tefillah program greatly enhances students’ feeling about Tefillah and devotion to it. It is beautifully and appropriately put together!”

Rabbi Elie Kurtz
Director of Judaic Studies, Elementary School, Yeshivat Noam

“Ani Tefilla has given our girls a new way to focus on their tefillah. The One-liner cards are helpful as many lessons come to the forefront as they chant the short translations. The Stop-Think-Feel diaries are the way the students make their tefillah personal. Our teachers and students feel so excited about this new development.”

Mrs Khavi Rosenshein
Bnot Yaakov, Limudei Kodesh Principal, Great Neck, New York

“The students at RYNJ have been inspired to make a connection to Hashem through the use of the Ani Tefilla program. Mrs. Nusbaum has taken Tefilla, a challenging area for adults and children alike and made it relevant and meaningful for children in a thoughtful and pedagogically sound way.”

Rabbi Nachum Wachtel
Principal, Lower School Judaic Studies, Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey

“Ani Tefillah is a breakthrough, one-of-a- kind program that breaks down the all-important subject of Tefillah. Ani Tefillah has simplified deep and meaningful concepts in a way that has finally made it attainable! It brings mindfulness and connection to Hashem through a variety of modalities – without expending too much class or prep time!”

Rabbi Yechiel Fishbain
Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey

“The Ani Tefillah program has given meaning, feeling and purpose to our children as they learn to pray with כונה.”

Penny Uliss and Ilana Broochian
2nd Grade Teachers, Yeshiva Har Torah, Queens, NY

“Ani Tefillah deepened our students’ understanding and their ability to discuss their feelings. The children really enjoy learning about tefilla and its value in their lives. We are amazed with their desire to share insights. Hachana l’ Tefillah provides our teachers with a systematic platform to help students find more meaning in their tefillah.”

Tali Seinfeld and Debbie Appell
2nd Grade Teachers, The Ramaz Lower School, NYC

“I am a second grade teacher in Politz Hebrew Day School. I am very much looking forward to starting Ani Tefillah in my class. The students already started the diaries and they are really really loving it.”

Tziproah Levy
Politz Hebrew Day School (Philadelphia)

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