“I used the tefilla program as a springboard for our Elul theme in the special needs sem/college program I run. It was an absolute hit. Thank you so much. Looking forward to continue using it in our tefilla curriculum and daily davening sessions.”

Yehudis Stern
Bnos Chayil, Manchester, England

“I watched the Let’s Explore videos, and I can’t get over them! They are so charming, engaging, and POWERFUL! I’m amazed at how you harnessed the power of audio-visual learning to make difficult concepts simple, clear, and exciting. Through these videos, children will come to understand and to love Lashon HaKodesh!”

Devorah W.

“I gave out the Hachana today. I cannot tell you the excitement that permeated through the classroom. The girls started flipping through the book and were beyond excited We started talking about that Tefillah is like a ladder. The answers that were given were UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m so excited!”

Anonymous teacher
Yeshiva North Jersey

“Thanks so much for yesterday!!! It was great!! Gave everyone what to think about and some have already come up with ideas to connect to Elul which is perfect!”

Mrs. Hennie Laifer
Coordinator of Judaic Studies - Lower School, Beth Tefillah Community School, Baltimore

“Ani Tefilla has been in a word, wonderful. I introduced Hachana L’Tefilla with 1st and 2nd. It is bringing more meaning to their Tefilla and making it more personal for them. I will be introducing the Diary and Hachana L’Tefilla soon. Thanks again for your help!”

Morah Aviva
Silver Academy

“We have really enjoyed using this program so far. The collaboration with Tamar Nusbaum has enabled our school to use Ani Tefillah in a way that suits our school’s needs. The students love the slides and the journals. They come to tefillah each morning excited to learn about tefillah and connect with Hashem through their tefillot.”

Eliana Zelman
Jewish Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Yeshiva Har Torah

“In my 40 years of teaching, I have never seen a program such as Ani Tefillah. The children (and I as well) were captivated by the gorgeous graphics and illustrations.  “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Mrs. Nusbaum has taken the concepts…of the tefillos and made them easy to understand.”

Mrs. Priva Schwartz
Bais Yaakov of Baltimore

“Tamar Nusbaum is a pleasure to work with. She knows how to incorporate individual schools’ needs while staying true to her mission of making the essence of Tefillah understandable and meaningful to children. She saw a need in Jewish Education and created a program that our second graders are excited about.”

Hedva Ofek-Shai
Hebrew and Judaic Studies Faculty Supervisor and Curriculum Coordinator, The Ramaz Lower School, NYC

“I am so beyond amazed by your program and how you took the time to invest in such a meaningful program. My students will never forget the fundamentals of the importance of tefillah and connecting with Hashem.”

Chana Raitman
Morah, Kitah Gimmel Manhattan Day School

“Ani Tefillah is a magnificent and mindful curriculum for Tefillah. It will certainly help us meet [our] challenges, moving Tefilla from rote to heartfelt, expanding children’s self-reflection, and adding melodious notes to the symphony of Tefilla.”

Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld
Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership

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