School Package #2

School Package Two (geared for 7-10 year old) :
  • Diary – Straight from my Heart
  • Hachana lTefilah Workbook (Vol. Two)
  • Two Tefillah booklets (choose from:  Modeh Ani, Mah Tovu,  Adon Olam, Al Netilas Yadim, Baruch Ata, Asher Yatzar, Elokai Neshama, Birchot Hatorah)
  Teacher: One of each
  • Teacher Edition (Hachana II)
  • Digital Edition (for classroom display)
  • Poster – 1 – Stop- Think – Feel  Da Lifnei Mi Ata Omeid
  • One Liners – Hachana and Tefilos Modeh Ani – Shema
Includes access to “Wow” Videos, @HOME videos and digital versions.
Price: $24.95 per student. (minimum 15 students)


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