Hachana L’Tefilah Vol III – Hachana L’Amidah

GRADE: 3 – 5

Hachana L’Tefillah Three, the third in the Hachana L’tefillah workbook series, reinforces and builds upon the concepts learned in Hachana One and Two. It focuses on teaching the power and value of ,תפלה and it introduces the heart of our תפלות , the שמונה עשרה/עמידה . Hachana Three furthers the children’s understanding of תפלה and of the עמידה , and it empowers them to develop a close, meaningful, and everlasting connection to Hashem.

Volume III is suitable for grades 2-4. The Teachers Edition for Volume III – Coming Soon.

Digital versions are licensed per class – for one year, and expire automatically. They are for online reading and display only and cannot be downloaded or printed.

Single Workbook $12.95
Bulk Workbooks 15+ $8.95
Digital w/o workbooks $139.00
Digital with 15+ workbooks $39.00


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 14 $12.95
15+ 30.89 % $8.95

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