Birchot HaTorah

GRADE: 2 – 6

This workbook conveys the main ideas presented in ברכת התורה. It focuses on developing Jewish identity and pride in the children so they can understand who they are and what they represent as Jews. This understanding will help the children turn to G-d and pray in a deep and meaningful way. 

(40 pages)

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Digital versions are licensed per class – for one year, and expire automatically. They are for online reading and display only and cannot be downloaded or printed.

Single Workbook $6.95
Bulk Workbooks 15+ $5.95
Digital w/o workbooks $79.00
Digital with purchase of 15+ workbooks $29.00


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 14 $6.95
15+ 14.39 % $5.95

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