Amidah – Shemoneh Esrei – Chelek Alef

GRADE: 3 – 5

Chelek Alef – Introduction to Amidah and Brochos 1-9

The עמידה is the heart of all the תפלות. It serves as a medium to discover and build an everlasting, intimate connection to G-d. The עמידה  workbook focuses on the עמידה as a source of joy and comfort, through which students will learn timeless Torah values and can build a strong foundation of faith, Jewish identity, and perspective on life. Ani Tefillah aims to empower our students with an appreciation for תפלה – especially through the עמידה – so they will turn to G-d at all stages of their lives and feel His security, love, and care.


Digital versions are licensed for a year, and expire automatically. They are for online reading only and cannot be downloaded or printed.

Single Workbook $12.95
Bulk Workbooks 15+ 10.95
Digital w/o workbooks $99.00
Digital with 15+ workbooks $39.00

$10.95 - $99.00


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