Meet the Author Event

Meet The Author Event

Ever since beginning to learn the Ani Tefillah curriculum, the fifth grade students at Moriah have been fascinated by the animated video lessons, which bring to life the complex meaning and philosophy behind tefillah. Throughout the fourteen lessons, the students practiced the “stop, think, and feel” method of preparing to daven, memorized the “kavanah code”, and revealed some of the secret messages that are embedded in the letters which make up the words of the tefillot. As a special Chanukah surprise, the children were treated to a virtual visit from Morah Tamar Nusbaum, creator of the Ani Tefillah curriculum. During each class’s Zoom session, students had the opportunity to ask questions, and were also given a sneak peek at some of Morah Nussbaum’s new videos and projects which have yet to be released. The students have   exhibited tremendous growth as a result of Ani Tefillah and are look forward to continuing to build upon its momentum.